Discover Egypt / Cairo

Modern Cairo Egypt's splendid capital, is a city rich in history and religion that encompassed many cities and civilizations in the past. The largest city in the Middle East and Africa, Cairo is decorated by the remnants of Ancient Egyptian civilization, most profoundly seen in the Pharaonic pyramids of Giza. The cityís skyline is also decorated with dazzling Mamluk and Ottoman mosques, early Christian monasteries and churches and modern skyscrapers and hotels.

Greater Cairo can be sectioned into three districts: downtown, including old Cairo where religious relics of the major Western religions are wellpreserved; southwest, including the grand Pyramids and Pharaonic Memphis; and the northeast Heliopolis area, which boasts all of the accoutrements of modern society and is home to the Cairo International Airport. Regarded by many as the Mother of the World, Cairo is Egypt's hub of cultural, social, intellectual, economic and political activity.